About Us

Nepali Clothing & Cosmetics is located in lovely Buffalo, NY, USA. We are a small business, owned and operated by Madhavi and Bhagawat Pyakurel. We hope that you will stop by and say hello next time you are in our neighborhood. We always have new items and sales, and will be happy to answer your questions and make sure you leave with the perfect item or gift. We are located inside the Westside Bazaar, so you can also buy food and gifts from many other countries when you stop to see us.
About the owners:
Originally we are from Bhutan, a small country in South Asia. We identify as Nepali-speaking Bhutanese because we practice Nepali culture and language but are citizens of Bhutan, as were our forefathers for two centuries. Beginning in the 1980’s the government of Bhutan declared us all illegal immigrants and began persecuting us, including banning our language and religion and killing many of our leaders and friends. Since then more than 100,000 Bhutanese Nepali have fled to refugee camps in Nepal.
We came to Nepal with our parents when we were only 5 and 3 years old. We grew up in separate camps but during our school years met and decided to marry. We were chosen to be resettled to the US separately, so Madhavi came to Houston TX in 2009 and Bhagawat came to Syracuse NY in 2008. We were reunited and married in 2009. We moved to Buffalo in 2013 in order to attend university and run this business.
About the store:
Nepali Clothing & Cosmetics carries everything you need for Nepali culture and fashion, all imported straight from Nepal. We sell many kinds of Nepali traditional dress for special occasions, such as Kurta swaral, langa sari, wedding sari with veil, Gurung Dress, Ghangra choli, pasni dress for kids, sawarani, Puja kapada, and many more. We have a large selection of cosmetics and imitation gold jewelry (ear ring, finger ring, Mangal sutra, ptaa, nau gadi) that add beauty to our respected ladies. We also carry the latest modern mens fashion from Nepal, Nepali music CDs, and cultural decorations to add color to your home. We offer the highest quality products and brands at competitive prices.
For our Nepali speaking Bhutanese customers, shopping at our business will reconnect you and your family to the bygone days of your past and help to preserve our cultural heritage for generations to come. Our products make the perfect gift items and signs of memory for special occasions. Please ask us about custom orders if you can’t find exactly what you want. We offer the option of buying online if you are living outside of Buffalo, NY.
For all our other American neighbors, shopping at our store will provide the best opportunity to learn about one of the newest cultures joining the American nation. If you are interested to learn about Nepali culture, please ask us and we will be happy to tell you the significance and use of each item in our store. We are sure that one of our products will be a thoughtful and original purchase, and that you will enjoy explaining its history to your friends and family. Come be a part of our story here in Buffalo, NY.